About me

Hi There!

I am Diya, a home maker and mother of two boys currently residing in the US. Born and brought up in Kottayam, Kerala, I did my schooling at Girideepam, did my B-tech at Govt.Engineering College, Thrissur and worked at Accenture, Hyderabad for 5 years before moving to the US in 2012. In 2015, I started writing a blog called AutumnDelight.com which was about teaching our hard of hearing son to listen and speak using Auditory Verbal Therapy. I shared the challenges we faced, the resources we found useful and the things we did at home which enabled him to speak and mainstream to a public school with hearing children when he was kindergarten-age.

Though it was about a specific topic and had a small readership, writing about our hearing journey gave me immense joy. I also realized that although there were a hundred things out there easily available for our entertainment, there were quite a few people who still found time to read my blog!

Now that my son is about to finish his kindergarten and we don’t really feel him to be any different from a hearing child, I don’t have a lot of things to write about. So I thought of starting this one, in which I could write about anything! I hope some posts would give you some information, some would stir up some memories and some get you thinking – but most of all, I hope you would feel connected to this blog, that it gives you something of value and you would consider revisiting!

Love and warm regards,