Pink Haired Pixie and her Wish Granter


A couple of days back, as I was curling up under my blanket to sleep, Loveson, who was reading the news on his phone remarked that a couple had died after trying to take a selfie while upon a cliff at Yosemite Park. My first thought was how careless and silly people were these days. These selfie deaths! Surely, they should know better than risking their lives for selfies. Loveson continued that they went to Chengannur Engineering College and were the same age so probably had a love marriage. That got me up – Malayalis?

Today I got a WhatsApp forward about them. Meenakshi Murthy and Vishnu Vishwanath, a couple living in California were the ones who had the fatal fall. In a pic of the couple, I saw that the girl had bright pink hair. For a typical Malayali girl, that seemed unusual. I spent the next several hours browsing her Instagram account “Holidays and Happily Everafters”  and was…BLOWN AWAY…

The pictures were not just good, they were simply stunning! It was obvious that they went to great lengths to capture amazing shots. Alongside the pictures were Meenakshi’s bubbly writing..emojis trailing every few abundant mention of magic, pixie, unicorn, mermaids, wands, Disney, Harry Potter I could see why she had pink hair. She just loved anything magical, mystical and mythical (her own words). Several of the posts have quotes, poetry and Hindi film song lyrics as well. There is a pic with her back to the camera, standing in the middle of a road wearing huge butterfly wings..and I was like..who is this girl!!

Bu then it was not just all fairytales..her writing also reflected her strong personality..

Sooo tis’ no secret that I have always admired and aroused by women who dare to stand out in the crowd just by being themselves🌟You know the passionate ones🤘who “do their thing” no matter what curve balls the society throws at them, the driven ones👊who venture on their wildest dreams and whether they are rule makers or rule breakers, what they all have in common is, they stand darn true to themselves and their ideals🦄and don’t act anything less than what they are, just for the society to “accept” them.😏

And that’s precisely what she did..just being herself and touring the world in her bright pink hair, checking off one thing after the other from her bucket list. Hot air balloon ride, sky diving, cross-country road trip ..she had done it all with her husband Vishnu whom she calls her wish granter. She had a goal of visiting 30 states in the US before she turned 30, “#30under30” and she did it.

Absolutely no doubt that she was a girl who read a lot..her writing clearly shows it and beneath the childish mentions of  magic and pixie were deep thoughts on feminism. jealousy and the cost of being yourself. She was a free spirited girl “consumed by wanderlust, smitten by the travel bug, a wishful wordsmith who wanted to spread pinkpositivelight, break stereotype and cure stigma. And in Vishnu she had the perfect partner in crime..

They not only had a common love for traveling and adventures, they were crazily in love with each other and went the extra mile to make the other one feel special!

Instagram post, February 15th, 2017

Rose Petal Love notes🌹, Candle Lights ✨and tickets to a Valentine’s Tango Dance Date Night in NYC 💃🏻. This is what I see when I come back home from shopping ❤My heart exploding into a million pieces with excitement, while I just stood there in trance, my dearest love, Vishnu softly explains he wanted to give me time for buying the right dress for the Tango Night and hence an early surprise. Oh this guy. ❤

July 3rd, 2016

And this time my birthday was at the Niagara Falls! ❤️ When we check in, a hoard of helium balloons 🎈🎈🎈flowers🌸🌹🌸 and a lovely cake 🎂 awaits me, all sneakily arranged by my dearest hubster 💞 And just when I thought I cannot be any more ecstatic , the stunning fireworks 💥and spectacular illumination over the magnificent Niagara Falls just makes it even more magical. 

Meenakshi made this YouTube video as a graduation gift for her husband – a compilation of videos in which his professor and some of his friends talk about him.

In a pic of her sitting on the edge of a rock at Grand Canyon, she has written about knowing our limits while #doitforthegram (taking pictures) and being responsible.

A lot of us including yours truly is a fan of daredevilry attempts of standing at the edge of cliffs ⛰and skyscrapers🌆, but did you know that wind gusts can be FATAL??? ☠️ Is our life just worth one photo?

Meenakshi has been candid about the other side of her as well – writing about “battling the tightening tentacles of depression” and “wanting a magic spell to cast her mental health problems away”. She has admitted that she is a victim of cyber bullying and has faced the wrath of friends and family for being different and living life in their own terms.

As a person, I cannot relate to Meenakshi in any way.. she is very different ..however I feel like knowing her a bit now and I actually feel for them. Meenakshi and Vishnu were high school sweethearts and she mentions they had to give their blood and sweat to convince their parents about getting married to each other. Meenakshi has worked at Infosys, IBM and CapeGemini. Vishnu was an employee of Cisco, California last.

They had just begun their time together and would have done so much more. Alas, their mystical journey was cut short by destiny. But the pictures and Meenakshi’s words would leave their legacy behind. Indeed they were an extraordinary couple.. RIP, Meenakshi and guys went too early but then, you did “live your life”..even death couldn’t part you..


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  1. Hi Diya….I just read all ur posts and I am glad I did. You know that I was a regular at ur autumndelight and count me in for watching out for this space as well…great posts …I too had noticed this unfortunate incident and had browsed through their travel photos..keep writing☺️

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