The new manifesto for women in the work place


I am currently reading “Lean In”, the national best seller written by FaceBook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg. Its about women in the work place and how they differ in thoughts and actions when compared to men. What surprised me was that I could very much relate to her thoughts and experiences! I feel the book to be a comb which passes through every single strand of hair, well and thoroughly –  the way it is detailed. Its such a good read for every woman –  and if you are a working mom, it is sure to elevate you and inspire you – as Oprah rightfully remarked, it is indeed the new manifesto for women in the workplace.

One point that really resonated with me is that women find it difficult to own their success. When Sheryl was ranked fifth in Times list of “100 most influential women in the world”, she was surprised and shocked. When people congratulated her, she even exclaimed that the list was ridiculous! She found it very hard to see herself worthy of that title. She goes on to explain that while men generally tend to own their success, women generally attribute it to luck, hard work and help from others.

She also writes about how men and women differ in reaching out for opportunities, negotiating an offer and believing in their own capabilities. If you don’t have time to read the book, listen to this TedTalk which is like a mini version of the book.

Sheryl also writes about how success and likeability are inversely proportional for women whereas that is not the case with men. I am so thankful to her for writing a book that covers so many different aspects! She also employs excellent humor throughout the book making it even more enjoyable!

Try to get a copy asap and enjoy!


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  1. Nicely written . Thank u & congrats to u.itsgood that u r reading wide & expanding ur writing skills through this blog. Also u r inspiring others . It’s really something great. I couldn’t open the site u have given to read the Ted show. Shall try later. All the best

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