In 2007, I joined Accenture, Hyderabad as an Associate Software Engineer. My first experience living outside Kerala. I quickly realized that meeting Malayalis outside Kerala is something that truly makes us happy. There were 10 of us from the same college and we used to have lunch together and tea together. As and when we meet other Malayalis, they would also join us for tea occasionally. Rency Chettan was one such person whom I met. A few days after meeting him, I started to receive emails everyday from him titled “Our Daily Bread”. I could see that it was sent to a list of people daily and contained messages rooted in faith. It really surprised me that he was sending a faith based email everyday in a corporate world without the fear of being judged or mocked. The messages were really good, but I don’t think I ever acknowledged it. Some days I read them, some days I did not, resulting in them piling up in my folder of ‘unread’ messages. A few months later, Rency chettan left the company and the messages stopped coming. Since my project works kept me busy, I barely noticed the absence.

Fast forward several years – ‘8’ to be exact and I am in the US, a full time stay at home Mom of two boys. Having surplus time means checking the phone every now and then to see if there are new Whats app messages or new YouTube videos. I don’t turn on the TV at a specific time to watch a serial or show that I follow (like tuning in at 7:30 PM on Friday nights 2 decades back to watch Chitra Geetham on DoorDarshan) but rather at random times to see if there is “anything” to see. There are around 500 channels available via cable and there is nothing I watch on them. It is the YouTube readily available on TV that is beckoning me. The plethora of choices available around the clock plus my own lack of time management leaves me wondering “what the heck was I doing today” several nights..

In the midst of this loud, chaotic world, one fine day, I remembered those calming, positive emails that I used to receive years ago. Though it was only for a short period of time, the imprints were strong enough to resurface after all these years. I had a little trouble recalling the title but I did and searched for it in Google. There was a website for it and an option to receive daily emails – so now for the last several months I have been receiving them to my gmail account.

Yes, there are still days when I don’t read them but they are fewer than the ones that I do. Short, simple messages yet good ones to start your day.

I felt like writing this post after reading today’s odb message :

Faith, Love, and Hope

If not everyday, can we do something once in a while that would be a powerful testimony of faith, hope and love?That would be quite something isn’t it?

Have a blessed day,



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